Love My Life

16 years old | Amsterdam | New York City

One year ago I was busy preparing for my exchange year. Right now I’m busy ending my exchange year and getting ready for my freshman year of college. I can’t believe the time went by this fast. I learned a lot and I grew a lot, I changed into a completely different (and better) person. I got more mature and stronger. If out of anything I’ve learned over the past months, I have to choose one thing to pass on to other people, it would be that positivity is key in every situation. Take chances, say yes to every opportunity and if something doesn’t go the way you want it to go, oh well, keep your head up high, smile, and move on.
6. June 2014


After having a long and very very very cold winter in New York state, my friend’s parents invited me to go on a road trip to Orlando, Florida with them over spring break. Of course I wouldn’t say no to an amazing opportunity like that. The ride down was very long but also very worth it. We stayed in a time share resort with pools and a great view. We went to sea world and did a lot of fun stuff. On the way back we spent easter with their family in Tennessee. I’m so glad that I’m able to get to know the United States better, by visiting multiple states and seeing places.

Brooklyn Bridge
6. June 2014


The week of my 17th birthday, I spent with my parents and best friend in my second favorite city in the world, New York City. This wasn’t my first time in the city, but it was Sam’s. For my birthday I got some amazing presents, from my parents and host parents, sam and many friends from home. We went out for sushi at night and spent the rest of the week enjoying the city. It felt so good to be in a city again, after more than six months being in a small town. As I was walking through the streets of manhattan I noticed that I enjoyed the overcrowded streets, the dirty car and subway smells and all the other city things that people usually hate. Spending sometime in the city really was the best birthday present and much needed, I am a city girl after all.

18. May 2014


As I was in school mI got a weird text from my mom saying, mexico 4 miles, I didn’t understand it but she told me she was talking to my host mom about how they had to drive to mexico on friday when they were planning on visiting me. I didn’t think much about it and continued what I was doing. At night, at basketball practice coach told us he had a surprise if we worked hard enough during practice and some of my friends were acting a little weird and kept walking in and out of the gym. Towards the end of practice I looked out of the gym door window and I saw my dad standing there, I turned around and kept shooting. A second later I thought, wait what? My dad is standing outside the gym, he’s supposed to be in Amsterdam right now.. So I look again and it’s really him, I ran to the doors and into the lobby and there is my dad, my mom and my best friend Sam! While I start crying and hug all of them my friends were taking pictures and videos. This was such an awesome surprise, they were even here for our sectional play off game and saw me play. 

My German friend
18. May 2014


Today was a very special day for me, I played in my second basketball game against Sackets Harbor and I made my very first basket! It was one of the best games that we’ve played this season, we were up by a lot when coach put me in. I made a perfect shot from the baseline and the reaction of everyone was just perfect. My coach jumped almost 6 feet up in the air when I made it, the parents in the stands cheered for me and while running back to the other side of the court my teammates gave me high fives and cheered my name. It was an amazing feeling and a moment that I will never forget, with a team I will never forget!

My German brother
18. May 2014


Today was a special day, I got a new brother! He is from Germany and is an arrival exchange student in my host family. He arrived today after a long trip from Germany, with a delay in New Ark and the usual ‘traveling in a blizzard’ problems. He is gonna go to the same school as me and I’m very excited to not be the only foreigner anymore!